Anchoring for annual day

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Well, I MUSTISIN MOHIDIN shall be your host for the day It’s my great pleasure and the first and foremost duty – On behalf of the Director, Teaching Staff and Students of SAFRON INSTITUTE OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & INFORMATION. an annual holiday tradition at Strawbery Banke since showcases years of seasonal and holiday traditions against the backdrop of.

Winter Instructional Program - Sign up now! MOSC introduced winter instructional sessions for Winter Skills and Small-Sided Games in 1-hour sessions at the brand new Marauder Dome at Mount Olive High School.

Many have remarked on the busy construction activity in Sloatsburg’s village center, a very visible sign of economic activity that has people talking. In this article complete information on anchoring script for Annual Function is provided.

Rating all the moves on Day 1 of NBA free agency

Welcome ceremony: To start the welcome ceremony first wish to all the present audience according to time i.e. Good morning/ good afternoon/ good evening to all of you; Anchoring Script For Sports Day.

Anchor 1: The prophecy of our 10th annual day _____ has yet again delivered the students a level of enhancement it takes along with it.


It’s a day of the out-and-out unsullied portrayal of flair and robustness of our nascent scholars.

Anchoring for annual day
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