Different ways to establish ground rules

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Establishing the ground rules

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Establish ground rules with your learners-PTLLS

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Establishing Ground Rules.

How to Establish Ground Rules in Adult Education

Ground rules can be established in 3 different ways: Teacher imposed. Learner imposed. Negotiated. It is not always recognised that learners can impose ground rules but they have just as much right to expect appropriate behaviour and actions from the teacher as the teacher has from them. The term ground rules was originally used to describe the rules of baseball that teams agreed to use in a particular venue, or grounds.

Those rules were — and still are — necessary for playing. I use different strategies for different groups for establishing ground rules. For classroom ground rules to be affective and adhered to, they are best decided and agreed together.

In this way the group take “ownership” of the rules, promoting a sense of belonging and empowerment. There are several ways ground rules can be decided.

Multimedia Learning Channel, Anna Gabali teaches multimedia, digital graphics and IT Freelance. Analyze different ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behavior and respect for others. looking at different ways to lose power but gain mutual understanding and respect; “In order to be an.

The first class period is a good time to engage the class in setting their own ground rules. Begin by asking the class to share the conditions that create an ideal learning environment in the classroom.

ANALYSE DIFFERENT WAYS IN WHICH YOU WOULD ESTABLISH GROUND RULES WITH LEARNERS, WHICH UNDERPIN BEHAVIOR AND RESPECT FOR OTHERS: Establishing ground rules in teaching is like having a mutually agreed contract which must be followed by all in order to have an effective environment in which to learn.

Different ways to establish ground rules
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Guide for Setting Ground Rules