Istep writing applications rubric for powerpoint

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Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Indiana - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This sample).). – [?] [.]). has four grade-level spelling errors (e.g., won’t [want], an [a], some body [somebody].).). Educational applications of the iPad include digital textbooks, eBooks, web-based digital content, and apps for all curriculum areas and grade levels K We explore productivity and creativity tools for content creation and publishing.

Constructed-Response Rubric. The 2-point Constructed-Response Rubric was designed with the help of Indiana teachers to score student responses to open-ended reading comprehension questions. Guidelines to Applying the Rubrics. For clarification regarding the application of the ELA rubrics for scoring, please read Guidelines to Applying the Rubrics.

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This quantitative study was developed to explore the ability to impact elementary student 21st Century online research skills with a planned classroom intervention curriculum.

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Student Writing Samples

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Istep writing applications rubric for powerpoint
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