Rules writing alibata alphabet

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Baybayin - The Ancient Script of the Philippines

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How to Write the Ancient Script of the Philippines

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Some have incorrectly attributed the name Alibata to it, but that term was coined by Paul Rodríguez Verzosa after the arrangement of letters of the Arabic alphabet (alif, ba, ta (alibata), "f" having been eliminated for euphony's sake).

1) The proper name is Baybayin. Alibata was a made-word. 2) Baybayin has 14 consonants that have an inherent vowel attached. See related links down below for. Ang Alibata ay isang katutubong paraan ng pagsulat ng mga Filipino bago pa dumating ang mga mananakop na kastila.

Ito ay hango sa "Kavi" na paraan ng pagsulat ng mga taga-java. It is not an alphabet, made up of individual letters, like the English alphabet or Makabagong Alpabeting Pilipino that we now use. Rather, each character of Alibata is read as a syllable. This type of writing is known as an abugida, a combination of an alphabet and a syllabary.

Jun 13,  · Before our present "Makabagong Alpabetong Filipino",we had the "Abakada".but way before that,our native writing is in "Baybayin" script which later on mistakenly renamed as "Alibata"-(which is derived from the first 3 letters of the arabic alphabet.). Baybayin is an abugida writing system consisting of 14 consonants and 3 vowels.

Each of the 14 consonants ends with the vowel "A". For example, the letter B would be BA. The Thai, Balinese, and Sanskrit scripts also have similar characteristics.

Filipino orthography

The original "alphabet" consists of the following characters: Vowels A | E | I.

Rules writing alibata alphabet
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What are the rules on writing the Alibata