The early life and rule of queen elizabeth i

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Elizabeth I

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Elizabeth Woodville, The White Queen

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See her at The Queen Gallery. Elizabeth Tudor was born on 7 Sep at Greenwich to Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth's life was troubled from the moment she was VIII had changed the course of his country's history in order to marry Anne, hoping that she would bear him the strong and healthy son that Catalina de Aragon never did.

Early life Elizabeth II was born on April 21,in London, England, the oldest child of the Duke of York and his wife, Elizabeth. Portraits of Queen Elizabeth I abound, particularly from the later years of her reign.

Elizabeth was perhaps the first monarch to understand the importance of public relations and she carefully prepared her image for public consumption.

Queen Elizabeth I: Biography, Facts, Portraits & Information

For the first 10 years of her life, Princess Elizabeth was a relatively minor royal—her status was akin to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York today—but that all changed with the death of. Elizabeth was born at on 21 Aprilduring the reign of her paternal grandfather, King George father, the Duke of York (later King George VI), was the second son of the mother, the Duchess of York (later Queen Elizabeth), was the youngest daughter of Scottish aristocrat the Earl of Strathmore and was delivered by Caesarean section at her maternal.

Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch on 9th September She has had a life in the public eye and in public service.

The early life and rule of queen elizabeth i
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